Tiffany Evans – If You Love Me

Tiffany Evans unleashes her gut-busting vocal chops on her brand new single “If You Love Me.” Set to appear on her forthcoming EP, Take 1, Evans pours her soul on the ballad, which sees her singing about wanting love.

“It’s about a couple breaking up. When I hear a lot of songs, it’s about men pursuing the girl, saying he wants to stay with her. This time around I’m not asking for another chance, but I’m the one pursuing him,” Evans told Essence about the new single. “I tell him let’s get real. Let’s stick it out. Let’s get strong. The song is really about sticking by someone, loving someone through it all. It’s one of the most emotional records that I’ve ever written and it’s one of my favorites. I just hope it helps someone. I wrote in 15 minutes because I was going through that situation.”

As far as the upcoming EP, Evans says fans will finally get to know the really her.

She adds: “I really want more people to hear who I am and get to know me. I think for as long as I’ve been around I feel like I’ve never exposed myself. I feel like I owe that to my fans. Not just through my music, but my life as well. This EP is allowing me to open myself up musically. It’s allowing fans to hear what’s in my head. I think from this EP they will know what type of person I am outside of music.”

We’re loving this REAL side of Ms. Evans and with records like “If You Love Me,” she is definitely waking R&B up!

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