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SOUL RECKLESS 08: Justin Timberlake ‘Single Ladies!’


SOUL RECKLESS 08: Justin Timberlake ‘Single Ladies!’

Never in a million years would we have expected Justin Timberlake to don a leotard and pumps for a rendition of Beyonce’s 2008 smash “Single Ladies,” but that’s just what we got in November. Pushing the envelope and stretching the stitching on his leotard Justin Timberlake just about caused a national, scratch that, international laugh fest for a day on Saturday Night Live. Even Beyonce was cracking up about it in interviews stating “I can’t believe he did that”. “He was incredible. We rehearsed it two times. He picked up the choreography. He has this photographic memory. He could probably kill it if he wanted to.” Relive the moment below: (albeit briefly, according to NBC sources Timberlake’s rendition is not available for rebroadcast due to rebroadcast and contractual conflicts)

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