10 02, 2012

Chris Brown Denied Lift of Probation, Plus Grammy Update

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Mark Geragos, his attorney, attempted to have his five-year probation sentence lifted early Thursday, claiming Brown has been on such good behavior he should be allowed to move forward without supervision.

10 02, 2012

Tank fights For Love With Savior, Kicks Off Couple’s Retreat Tour

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If no one else is fighting for love in music today, Tank is. According to the "Next Breath" singer, people don't fight to preserve relationships today. Taking that into consideration with his forthcoming album, "Savior," Tank hopes to show men being in love and taking care of your woman is an obligation not an option.

9 02, 2012

Lawyers Seek Jennifer Hudson Testimony in Balfour Murder Trial

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According to local reports, defense attorney Amy Thompson made a request to speak with Hudson in Cook County Tuesday, hoping to discuss a text message she exchanged with her mother the day she was fatally shot.

9 02, 2012

Caribbean Official Wants Rihanna, Other Acts to Share Wealth

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It is no secret that Rihanna has become a chart-topping and as of late record-breaking artist. With both hit singles and albums, she and a number of acts from the Caribbean have broken into not only the U.S. but a worldwide audience.

9 02, 2012

Ledisi Pays Tribute to Diana Ross

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Come Saturday, believe it or not, Diana Ross will receive her first ever Grammy Award. Despite receiving a number of nominations over the years, the "Supreme" diva has never held the coveted golden gramophone. Paying tribute to Ross this week, Ledisi put into words exactly why Ross is an "icon."

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