18 05, 2012

Conya Doss: Pocket Full of Soul

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There is a lot of passion and soul in Conya Doss' lyrics, voice, sound, life mission and her profession as a teacher. She is a helper in the classroom as well as on the track. Her new album “Pocket Full of Purpose” is filled with just that… purpose and responsibility.

17 05, 2012

Meleni Smith: Alone In My Room

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The life, times and music of Meleni Smith have been filled with so many vivid colors and sounds since the age of six when she discovered her talent as a singer. It’s hard not to like the untamed energy of Meleni as she gives you such a different view on the world around her.

10 05, 2012

Mary Mary Discusses New Album, Family vs. Career, Mother’s Day, More

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Three-time Grammy-winning duo Mary Mary (sisters Tina and Erica) burst on the scene about 12 years ago with their debut album 'Thankful,' and they continue to blaze the airwaves with their soulful, catchy, and inspiring music.

30 04, 2012

Artist Watch: Barsheem Bernard Fowler

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Singer-songwriter Barsheem Bernard Fowler is an artist to keep an eye on. Also an arranger and producer, Barsheem’s sound is a fusion of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, and R&B. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York and residing in Los Angeles, the smooth-voiced crooner embraces the power of storytelling and showmanship.

18 04, 2012

Peter Hadar: Internationally Known, Locally Underground

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I know I’m not in support of Steve Harvey’s book. I think he is killing black love. I think things should be organic. It’s on people to know if they feel right about a situation. You have to have your own foundation and do it for the right reason at the right time.

16 04, 2012

K’Jon Talks Label Pains, Struggles and Independence

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K'Jon garnered wide spread attention for his hit song "On The Ocean," which earned him a #1 radio hit and set the record for the longest run on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip Hop Song, surpassing Usher's single "You Make Me Wanna" and Mary J. Blige's single "Be Without You."

12 04, 2012

[EXCLUSIVE] Eric Benet Talks “Brilliant” New Album, Holding R&B Torch, More

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After more than 15 years in the music industry, five solo albums, and four Grammy nominations, Eric Benet is a rarity as he starts his own record label and prepares for the release of his sixth solo studio album titled “The One” on June 5th.

6 04, 2012

[EXCLUSIVE] Melanie Fiona: Striking at the Perfect Time

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I had the pleasure of speaking and chopping it up with the beautiful, intelligent and funny MF. She talked about what MF was and how life can sometimes be a MF. She was and always is real and ready to expose a different side of herself. Check it out!

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