20 09, 2012

NEXT: Ro James Talks Bringing The Feeling Back To R&B, Cowboy Hats, The Jackets, More

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If you have to put my hand on the Bible, I’ll tell you that Ronnie “F**kin” James aka Ro James is NEXT and is going to be a problem in the R&B game. The sounds I hear from this cat are organic, nostalgic and just plain dope!

18 09, 2012

Chris Richardson Talks Realness of Music, YMCMB, New Project, More

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The YMCMB Crew has been expanding their brand a lot lately and that includes their new addition Chris Richardson, who is signed under Cash Money Records. Having his start on the popularly watched reality show, “American Idol”, Chris has been able to garner a lot of experience and support within the last few years.

14 09, 2012

Laura Izibor Talks Brooklyn, Performing With Legends, Adele, More

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My mission is to make sure I can really speak the truth with each song. I ask myself, can I really reach the people? Can I express how I feel? Am I expressing what I feel to the core?

13 09, 2012

5 Questions With Lydia Caesar, Plus Listen to Her Debut Album ‘Caesar’

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Singer-songwriter Lydia Caesar has been on her independent grind for several years now. After garnering a solid following, the artist formerly know as "that Rock&B chick" is ready for the world to hear her full body of work.

11 09, 2012

Newcomer Angelique Talks Learning The Industry, Conch Salad, Dating & Walking Barefoot

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It’s impressive when a young lady is focused, respectful and driven in a wild unforgiving industry. Angelique, hailing from the beautiful island of Bahamas, is showing us that there is hope for the future.

5 09, 2012

The Braxtons Talks Liquid Steroid Season 2.5, Tamar’s Baby Plans, Music, More

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Braxton Family Values 2.5, a continuation of season two, premiered last month with six all-new one hour episodes. Sisters Toni, Tamar, Traci, Towanda, Trina and matriarch Miss E turns up the heat, letting more fans in on their world wind lives, which include jokes, tears, sibling rivalry and drama.

24 08, 2012

Jay Sean Talks Not Changing a Damn Thing, Conquering Continents, Versatility, More

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Pop/soul singer-songwriter Jay Sean took America by storm in 2009 with his single "Down," from his international debut album "All or Nothing' on Cash Money Records.

23 08, 2012

Shanell (SnL) Talks Hoes Winning, Guys Pimpin’, YMCMB Being a Family, More

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Shanell, a Pop/R&B artist, Songwriter and classically trained dancer, has been in the game for a long time in various capacities. She is what you call a boss chick! What label would fit her more than the label, which has pumped out some of the most successful artists of this decade.

22 08, 2012

Twanee Thankful For 50 Cent, Talks Not Selling Her Soul, Being Open, More

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Twanee landed in the United States with one goal and no business connections. Though having talent is necessary, knowing the right person can trump genius at times. On a whim, Twanee entered a showcase in Brooklyn where she was spotted by G-Unit engineer/producer Ky Miller.

21 08, 2012

Newcomer TJ Boyce Talks Emotional R&B, Being Masculine But Expressive, More

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R&B in many respects has lost it’s masculinity but artist such as Houston’s producer/songwriter TJ Boyce is not just a big “emo trip.”

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