Stanton ST.150 Turntable Review

If you’re a vinyl lover passionate about a good vinyl turntable, then you are in the right place. In this Stanton ST.150 Turntable Review, we focus on letting you know all the details about the Stanton ST.150 from features to model specifications. Let’s learn further.

The ST.150 Turntable in Summary

Whenever you hear Stanton, the first thing that comes in mind is the quality and innovativeness that the company has emphasized in its devices. The Stanton ST.150, known for the s-shaped tonearm, is not left behind; it is energetic, quality, and very captivating to the eye.

Do you know that it has the most potent motor known in the turntable world? Well, the torque motor, which measures 4.5 Kgf-cm is a feature worth focusing on. Other things you’ll see in the ST.150 include the slipmat, pitch controls, quartz lock, a highly performing cartridge (Stanton 680HP), the cables (L-shaped), output, and dial buttons as well as the adjustable tonearm.

Other than the features, we have to appreciate the device design and its sturdiness. It is simple but perfectly constructed. Let’s narrow down at the ST.150 performance, design, pros and cons, features, model comparison, and what people have to say about this turntable.

ST.150 General Design

We all love good looking turntables. The ST.150 is an all-black turntable that will quickly capture your attention. You will never go wrong with this color. It does not only look good on the device, but it also complements your space fully. Indeed, ‘black is the new gold’ when it comes to vinyl turntable colors.

If you’ve been using turntables for a while, you’ll notice uniqueness in the device. In this device, every aspect is designed and fixed in the appropriate place. The audio outputs and buttons allow for an easy start/stop, light control, reverse play, speed and pitch adjustments. The features that provide ease of use, because you don’t confuse the various physical specifications of the device.

The finishing is another thing that brings about the impression in this device. While we can’t say that it has the best finishing ever, it helps to appreciate its smooth metal-plated finish, which beats many other turntables. Other than the looks and smoothness, the finishing lasts longer, and you’ll be happy to enjoy a static and charming look for years.

While all the things are correctly designed, the device lacks a dust cover. Something that doesn’t excite many turntablists because they want to keep their device away from dust and other damages that arise accidentally. You’ll have to incur an additional cost when you decide to purchase a dust cover.

The Turntable General Construction

Some factors influence the sturdiness of a particular turntable. Among them is the general construction. Here, Stanton has come up with a strongly constructed device. Every part used in the device is perfect and quality. That explains why this device, if well maintained, lasts for years.

Still focusing on device construction, the durability of this turntable is on another level. Stanton has used steel, aluminum and rubber on the device. Most of the parts have steel. The platter has aluminum, making it a perfect choice in this case. The rubber, used on the lower side, is ideal for ensuring the device manages the vibrations.

Both the upper and the sides of this model accommodates the devices features well, and their design tells it all. A focus on the lower side revels the adjustable feet. The rubber made feet helps the device to execute its functions with maximum stability and no vibrations.
Without a doubt, Stanton has shown perfection in creating a good looking model with maximum stability. Considering that it sells at an affordable price, you’ll hardly see such models selling at that price, and with features that the ST.150 turntable has showcased.

Ease of Use

The model is ideal for both newbies in the vinyl world and the veterans. If you’re acquiring your first turntable, you don’t have to worry. The device never frustrates. Setting up this device is easy, and it will take a few minutes, without the assistance of anyone. Besides, the company sells it with a manual that’s very easy to follow.

Operating ST.150 is straight forward. Once you have your favorite vinyl record on the platter, what follows is pressing the start button, and you’re good to go. Even when scratching, the turntable has a slipmat, and you’ll not experience instances where the vinyl slides.

The ST.150 Performance

Considering that the device has a super Stanton 680.V3 cartridge, a direct-drive motor capable of boosting performance, a strong torque motor, among other features, it is evident that the performance of this device is on another level.

This model is a belt-driven turntable with three super speeds. These speeds are at 33, 45, and 78 rpm. With these speeds and +/- 8%, 25%, 50% pitch controls, it is easy to have the best user experience because you can playback your records from a lower to a higher pitch and vice versa. That way, you get to enjoy the music, irrespective of the vinyl record size.

During the performance, there is no damping, and the quality of music makes it a good performer. However, it can’t capture the audio into its digital form. This is because it lacks the USB port that allows the conversion to a digital form.

How ST.150 Compares to Others Turntables

From this Stanton ST.150 Turntable Review, it is right to say that the ST.150 turntable stands out among many others due to its strong motor and quality performance. But still, the comparison is worth to known if you want to enjoy the experience further.

If you want a model turntable that allows for digital conversion, then ST.150 will not work for you. The JENSEN JTA-460 Turntable will suit your purpose. If at all you need a close model from Stanton, then Stanton STR8-150 will do you right.

PROs & CONs Listing

• It has a powerful and stable motor and platter
• It is easy to use and very efficient for listening to vinyl and scratching
• The Stanton 680.V3 cartridge allows for maximum performance
• It has an attractive and charming device with quality finishing
• The turntable has a heavy-duty construction

• You’ll have to buy a dust cover separately
• Does not allow for analog to digital conversion

The Bottom Line

Both veteran and new turntablists are happy with the ST.150 turntable, and reviews can tell it all. From this review, the features, price, feel, convenience and performance makes the ST.150 an ideal choice.

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