Numark TTUSB Turntable Review

The Numark TTUSB turntable is a belt-drive turntable that plays vinyl records and also helps make digital audio files from them. It comes with an audio USB interface to help you digitize records. The turntable works with both PCs and Macs. The tool comes with all the hardware, software, and peripherals you may need to convert your LPs into audio files in different file formats – including MP3 and WAV. You may listen to these files on your mobile devices or other digital audio equipment. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at the turntable and learn what’s the buzz is about.

Highlight Features

There are certain Numark TTUSB features that need an immediate mention.

• Die-cast aluminum platter
• Adjustable anti-skating control that helps with stereo balancing
• Supports 45rpm and 33-1/3 playback speeds
• 45rpm adapter
• Adjustable pitch control
• Stereo input connector for easy transferring of cassette tape content
• Tonearm counterweight
• EZ vinyl software
• Pre-mounted cartridge and a headshell

Package Contents

In the box, you get the turntable, USB cable, user’s manual, and software CD. The turntable includes the platter, pre-mounted cartridge, 45RPM adapter, counterweight, and slipmat. Long story short, you get everything you need to get rolling right out of the box. Perhaps, the only thing that’s amiss is a dust cover. If Numark had thrown in the cover too, the package would have been complete. However, the lack of a dust cover shouldn’t be a dealbreaker since it doesn’t hamper the functionality of the turntable in any way. Moreover, you can always get a third-party cover online or elsewhere.

Working Mechanism

As aforementioned, the Numark TTUSB that plays and converts your vinyls into digital files. The program is fairly straightforward to use. And if you have trouble getting started, there is always the instructions manual to guide you. The conversion quality would depend on the quality or solid condition of the record or cassette. If there are scratches or other issues with your audio hardware, it may show in the converted file.

Features in Detail

• Functional and Practical

Numark makes a plethora of audio and DJ equipment. It, therefore, knows how to carve its products out. With the TTUSB, Numark’s focus has primarily been on functionality or making the turntable as usable and practical as possible. It also wants to give you options. For instance, there is a built-in preamp. However, you may bypass it if needed, so that you could use the equipment with an external or third-party phono stage. There are a couple of easy-to-access on/off switches. At the rear, you also get master power switch. The deck comprises a slider for controlling speed, which should reveal the “DJ” side of this turntable. And, as mentioned before, all necessary cables for connecting the TTUSB to your stereo system or computer are packed in.

• Converter Software

This Numark turntable comes with a converter software, which simplifies the vinyl recording and conversion process. It also helps eliminate those annoying clicks and pops found in the source material. For Windows computers, you get the EZ Vinyl Converter 2 tool. If you are on a Mac, EZ Audio Converter would seamlessly convert your vinyls directly to your iPod or iTunes. The software features the built-in Gracenote MusicID technology that analyses your LP record and retrieves artist, album, and song information automatically. You can also enter track information.

• Premium Design

Despite being relatively inexpensive, Numark hasn’t skimped on design with this turntable. The TTUSB looks sleek and premium. It may not give the more expensive or professional turntables a run for the money in the looks department, but it certainly won’t go down without a fight. The major reason the design works is its simple and clean. The styling is on point too, thanks to the tapered-edge platter and curved plinth. In short, it looks more like a professional equipment than a basic, run-of-the-mill turntable.

• Reliable

The Numark TTUSB is cheap but that doesn’t show in its build. It not just looks premium but also gives you the feeling that it would last for at least a few years. If you take basic care of the equipment, it should have no trouble lasting longer. Unlike other inexpensive turntables, this Numark offering is certainly not giving up the ghost on you within a few months of use.

• Audacity Software

Like most inexpensive turntables, the Numark TTUSB also features Audacity software support to help you edit your transferred files on the fly. Besides letting you perform basic editing tasks, the software comes with a wealth of other features that would help with refining or tuning your audio files to your liking. Despite being feature-packed, the tool is quite easy to use. Not to mention, in conjunction with the software, your Numark TTUSB becomes a truly potent machine.

• Price

Starting at around $90, the Numark TTUSB is a solid option for people who are looking to buy their first turntable. And for that price, you get pretty much everything you need. Though there are other inexpensive turntables throwing everything but the kitchen sink into their products, they may skimp on a feature/accessory or two just to keep the price in check. And if they manage to offer everything, the turntable’s sound performance or build quality may end up taking a hit.

PROs & CONs Listing


• Easy to use
• Light on the pocket
• High-quality build
• Looks and sounds wonderful
• iTunes upload works smoothly
• EZ software does its job well
• USB connectivity that works with both Mac and PC
• RCA and USB cables included


• 78rpm speed not available
• Not ideal for scratching
• Turntable gain knob is slightly on the smaller side
• No dust cover in the box


The Numark TTUSB turntable is designed to cater to people new to the world of turntables. Ignoring the conversion part for a brief moment, the TTUSB is a fairly solid vinyl record player. It’s affordable, reliable, and can put up with basic DJ work. In other words, it gets the job done. If you are looking for something more advanced or you are a professional DJ, you may have to spend loads more money on a more advanced equipment. For all those who know what they need and are budget-constrained, the Numark TTUSB is a solid starting point.

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