JENSEN JTA-460 Turntable Review

I am a passionate music lover and have crates of vinyl records stored in my home. However, I have not been able to enjoy listening to them for quite some time ever since my old turntable broke down beyond repair. I have since then been searching for a quality turntable manufactured by a company that has years of experience in building this device. I was also looking for a device that looked good and whose price would not burn a hole in my pocket. After going through the details of several models manufactured by different companies, I decided to purchase one made by Jensen, a company that has been manufacturing consumer electronics since 1915. They started building turntables decades ago and have formed a reputation in the market for their quality and budget-friendly turntables. This JENSEN JTA-460 turntable review will give you an idea that even low-cost models have capabilities and features that can put their costly counterparts to shame. I was pleasantly surprised by the striking looks and the $69 price of this device, which is much more than a belt-driven 3-speed stereo turntable that can play 33, 45, and 78 RPM vinyl records.

Build Quality

This particular model boasts of an all-black low-profile construction, which might not be as pretty as other models available in the market. However, its appearance is decent, and it gets the job done. The top cover boasts of a slanted dust guard. The front panel of the turntable is strikingly good as it has a tuning knob, a volume knob, a multi-functional back-lit blue liquid crystal display, as well as several buttons underneath it. The deice ships with a remote control along with a Lithium battery. You can use them to boost the bass, change mode, stop, record, as well as skip. The right side of the front control panel also includes player function selectors and the radio band. The left side has an auxiliary port for connecting it to speakers and headphones. It also has a USB port that you can use to connect a flash drive. The most significant advantage of this turntable is that it uses USB, SD memory, or flashcard and not a software like other systems.

The Turntable

The JENSEN JTA-460 consists of a three-speed, belt-driven turntable. The three speeds are set at 33, 45, and 78 RPM. These provide you the ultimate power regarding how to playback the records. Remember to set this setting correctly as playing songs too slow results in a lower pitch. Going too fast results in a higher pitch. The unit comes with preset adjustments that allow you to set it correctly to enjoy the music as it is supposed to be. The three different speed settings also mean that you can play any type of vinyl record on this turntable.

The Speakers

Speakers play a significant role in determining the quality of music produced. The unit boasts of two stereo speakers, located on its right and left sides. While they do not emit the quality of sound a music connoisseur might prefer, they are ideal for novices searching for an affordable and all-in-one device. Although the audio system delivers quality music, the volume of the same is slightly low. However, this should not pose any issues if you place the turntable close to you. I hope that the manufacturer solves this issue in future versions of this model.

The Converter

I often go on long trips and wish to hear music while I am traveling. I was thrilled to note that this model could capture the record’s analog signal as well as record it in digital form. Once encoded, it is possible to store the .mp3 into a memory card or a USB flash drive. Since everything takes place within the turntable, you do not require any external device. I was able to create digital archives of my favorite records effortlessly, and can now play them in my portable digital music player when traveling.

Includes an AM/FM radio

There will be moments in your life when you want to update yourself with the latest news. You do not need a separate radio for it as this fantastic turntable also includes an AM/FM radio that allows you to remain updated with the latest news as well as the newest music. The included radio generally works exceptionally well apart from the fact that the strength of the signal varies depending on your location. I wish the manufacturers had included the option to connect the radio to an outdoor antenna to ensure clear signals.

How does this turntable compare with other models?

If you are looking for a multifunctional player that also has a recording option, this model from Jensen is your best choice, even though it does not boast of a retro look that some people might be looking for. If you are looking for a turntable that has a classic look, check out the DLTIME 3-speed, ibyOne Wireless, or the Victrola Vintage 3-speed. Although this model from Jensen is quite cheap, you can opt for the JTA-220 by the same manufacturer, which also includes a radio, but does not have the recording feature.

What others are saying

Individuals who have purchased this model are quite happy with the features this turntable provides, considering that it costs only $69. The knobs of this model have a quality feel, and it boasts a solid build. They also loved its compatibility with external storage. They felt let down by the lack of an external antenna, intermittent response, playback issues, and the low sound of its speakers. However, you should not let these factors influence you because this offering from Jensen is still quite useful and is worth its price, considering what it offers. Some users were disappointed by this turntable as it takes some time to play after pressing the record button. I conclude my JENSEN JTA-460 turntable review with its positive and negative points.

PROs & CONs Listing

• Plays at all three speeds
• USB output that allows you to convert the audio content from the vinyl to .mp3
• Good value for money

• Design is slightly outdated
• Made of plastic
• Some people may not find the sound loud enough

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