Yamaha FG840 Guitar Review

Playing a musical instrument is good for the mind and the soul and has positive, stimulating effects on parts of the brain. Guitars are unarguably one of the most sought after musical instruments. However, the massive range of types and brands of guitars available might intimidate those planning to purchase it for the first time. This Yamaha FG840 guitar review is for such individuals. Let us find out what makes it different from the others. I suggest that both beginners, as well as intermediate-level players, opt for this full-sized acoustic guitar that boasts of a warm contemporary look.


Guitar players love the look of their instrument as much as they love its sound and ease of playing. Do not be fooled by the traditional looks of the Yamaha FG840 as it has a contemporary sound and feel that many guitar enthusiasts find appealing. Thanks to the high-quality of wood used, this guitar is highly durable against scratches. It boasts of a solid spruce top, matte neck finish, urea saddle, and a traditional dreadnought body shape. The cream binding makes it look appealing as well as adds to the durability of the guitar. Overall, this model epitomizes playability standards and modern sound while maintaining the traditional style of its FG predecessors.

The Sound

The FG840 boasts of an impressive sound, enabled partially by its solid Sitka spruce top that adds to the resonant sound as it ages. The rosewood sides and back also adds to its transparent, well-balanced sound, ideal for fingerpicking and strumming, which would not be possible in full mahogany guitars. The loud sound produced can effortlessly hit the mid and low ranges while carrying enough bass to resonate those deep and darker sounds. The scalloped bracing pattern of the FG840 enhances the durability of its top board, resulting in the clearest sound possible. You will also love the playability of this guitar.


• Solid Sitka spruce top
• Flamed maple laminate sides and back
• Urea saddle
• Nato neck
• Natural finish
• Celluloid pickguard made of tortoise shell
• Die-cast chrome tuners
• Cream binding

Model information

The Yamaha FG840 consists of a full-size acoustic guitar that boasts of traditional western body shape. The manufacturers have used solid Sitka spruce for the top and flamed rosewood for the sides and back. The entire guitar boasts of a beautiful and had-sprayed gloss finish. The durability of the guitar is increased thanks to scalloped bracing inside its body. The neck, made from nato, houses a urea nut and rosewood fretboard. The headstock contains an adjustable truss rod and a set of die-cast chrome tuners. On the side, you will find a rosewood bridge with black colored ABS bridge pins, a tortoise-patterned pickguard, an abalone soundhole inlay with white and black detailing, and a urea saddle. Considering the look of the guitar and its overall quality, it is not bad at all. You have three color options to choose from: autumn sunburst, tobacco brown sunburst, and natural. You will find it difficult to get a guitar at this price range that contains a solid spruce top. The cost of this guitar is $429.99, which is quite fair, considering its build quality and features. The guitar requires less tuning maintenance as it can hold its pitch for days.

What do you get with the guitar?

An additional and remarkable feature of the FG840 is what it ships with. Apart from the guitar, you will also receive:
• A hardshell case
• Extra strings
• Instructional DVD for beginners
• Clip-on tuner, and
• One strap

How does it compare with other acoustic guitars?

The FG480 is similar to many other acoustic guitars in the 800 series, as it has the same solid spruce top, shape, and size. The flamed maple sides and back are the significant difference between the FG480 and previous models. While the FG830 has laminated sides and back, the FG480 boasts of laminate mahogany sides and back. The design of the FG480 is inspired by the FG2000 and FG1500 with its solid spruce tops. Both of these guitars are popular for their clear and crisp sound, which improves with age. It is the same for the FG480 too. The new cream binding on the headstock, neck, and body adds a nice appealing look too. Also, the recently developed scalloped bracing found on the FG480 provides additional durability to the topboard while enhancing the overall tone, projection, as well as volume. Additionally, the Yamaha FG480 guitar has slightly less sustain than that of its predecessors.

What others are saying

All other users have only positive things to say about the FG480. Quite a few of them, particularly beginners and intermediate players, say that this model is unbeatable when one considers its price and features. Many users are impressed by the guitar’s near-perfect intonation, the quality of its body, as well as its gorgeous and traditional looks, emphasized by classy cream bindings. Several users, especially those playing the guitar for the first time, are pleased that this guitar retains its tune very well with excellent intonation, which makes it perfect for those who are still developing their tonal ears. The sturdy and robust Nato neck with a beautiful finish is another fact that many users appreciate.

Final thoughts

Before I end this review, I would like to point out that it is a great buy both for beginners as well as intermediate guitarists. It is also an excellent buy for singers performing with a group of other musicians where the crisp mids and highs can cut through the other instruments. Yamaha has taken care while developing this guitar to ensure that it lasts for many years. Whether you are a live performer or just starting to play the acoustic guitar, you will fall in love with the excellent build quality, the overall sound, and the pocket-friendly price of this musical instrument

PROs & CONs Listing

• Great price point
• Comfortable body for ease of playability
• Maintains its tune for days
• Strong build
• Superior craftsmanship

• Somewhat similar to other FG guitars
• Sustain is inferior to FG predecessors
• Better suited for beginner and intermediate guitarists

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