Yamaha FG820 Guitar Review

Are you looking forward to acquiring an acoustic guitar? Well, without a doubt or a second thought, prepare and carry on. Whether you’re beginning your musical journey or adding a new guitar in your music instruments list, settling on Yamaha FG820 is a bold decision.
Music is food for the sour and mind, and a guitar will perfect your music experience. In this Yamaha FG820 Guitar Review, we have expounded, in detail, all you need to know about this much talked about the acoustic device.

Yamaha FG820 General Overview

Let’s be honest. Yamaha is not a new name, and it has produced most of the popular musical devices known in the musical world. For over five decades, the company has shown prowess in making the FS series guitars and many other musical instruments. Due to the sturdiness, quality, and affordability, we can’t ignore this leading manufacturer.

The Mahogany back and sides Yamaha FG820 Guitar with a glossy finish is not an exception when it comes to quality specifications and performance. The guitar does feature not only an outstanding build but also the best playability and musical tone.

Thanks to its well-coordinated body, neck, and other specifics. These parts have the best dimensions and materials that have been made with a customer in mind. Other than quality features, you’ll love the device sturdiness.

Keep reading as we narrow down to the device relevant information, reviews, features, pros and cons, and comparison with other acoustic guitar models.

FG820 General Design

The first impression you get from this device is on its glossy finish and beautiful natural colors. It is important to note that the FG820 observes absolute versatility. That’s why you’ll see varying colors and designs, making it a perfect onstage guitar.

Well, we don’t stop there. There is much more in this device when it comes to design. Whether you want a dreadnought, concert, or a left-handed acoustic guitar, you’ll get it with ease. Besides, it has five varying colors and two sizes.

You’ll be surprised that such a guitar is selling under $300. If you’ve been following the FG series, then you’ll realize that the classic design has remained over the years. That alone is an advantage if your focus is on a classic style.

Sound Quality

Irrespective of the guitar price, sound quality is something that Yamaha never compromises on. It ensures that all its devices give the value of the money, most often, beyond your expectations. However, if we’re to be honest, you’ll realize that sound quality improves with the price tag of an acoustic guitar.

In guitars, the design influences the sound quality. With that in mind, Yamaha has invested in a design that contributes to quality sounds. The scalloped bracing design is a feature worth mentioning. It ensures there is a balanced and authentic sound without compromising the strength.

The FG820 never frustrates. Are you a country and blues music lover? If you’re, go for it. It will produce that warm sound that closely associated with the two music genres. Not forgetting that the sounds are authentic. You’ll realize this if you have had a chance to use another Yamaha guitar.

Even when you’re in a room, the sound projection is clear from the far end. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing it in a concert, home or in any gig, the guitar sounds are clear, and resist any background noise. The perfect device tone will transform the performance moments.

Strength and Durability

Anytime you mention strength and durability concerning guitars, the first thing that comes in your mind is Yamaha. It can never frustrate. The FG820 has mahogany back and sides and solid spruce at the top, and you’re guaranteed protection and excellent sound. The device is not like any other guitar out there, its finish and western body assures you of a lengthy service.

The body plays a crucial role in durability. That’s why Yamaha has ensured that the body has a cream plastic and fingerboard binding. You don’t have to worry about the colors. They enhance guitar aesthetics without interfering with durability.

Another aspect that defines the device durability is the ability to produce quality and consistent tones for long. Even when you play it for several months, it will serve your purpose. That doesn’t mean you should not upgrade or replace the string. Do so when necessary.

How Yamaha FG820 Compares With Other Models

As explained in this review, Yamaha musical guitars are impressive, with a focus on perfect innovation, design, and performance. Deciding on a particular Yamaha model, when you have many on your list, is thus a challenge. You’ll have to compare. Read on.

Let’s now compare the Yamaha FG820 and FG800 model. The two are nearly identical, with minimal specifications that differentiate them. Their dimensions, neck, fingerboard, bridge dots, tuners, and top material are similar. The same applies to the body and neck finish as well as the body size.

When it comes to the back and sides, the difference is apparent in woods used, probably because the company wants you to differentiate them. They also have varying body binding colors.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha FG820

• It produces a warm and well-balanced sounds that exceed your expectations
• It gives you value for your money
• Attractive finish and the general design
• Ii is an ideal choice for beginners or as a backup guitar during performances
• Quality hardware with excellent materials

• You might need strings replaced after a while
• A few complaints on the ‘big’ neck and the small sizes of the guitar

Reviews from Guitar Enthusiasts

The FG 820 has received impressive reviews across many online stores. Both beginners and experts have reviewed it, with many loving the sound quality, its price, size, and general appearance. For instance, most amazon reviews indicate that customers love the guitar’s aesthetics, playability, and functionality.

As it is for any product, there are customers with dissenting views. For this device, only a few lads have complained. They don’t like the ‘big’ neck and the small size of the guitar. Overall, customers love the guitar and would recommend it over and over.

The Review Wrap-up

Whether you want to perform or record, your worries are no more with this guitar. With a price within your budget, you’ll get to own a popular and highly reputed Yamaha guitar that exceeds your expectations. It has a durable body, rich sounds, and fantastic features. Hopefully, this review comes at the right time to help you make a purchase decision.

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