Yamaha FG700S Guitar Review

Now that you have mastered the basics of playing the acoustic guitar, it is time to get rid of your basic guitar and replace it with a better model. Although you can find numerous companies manufacturing this musical instrument, none of them come close to the offering by Yamaha, be it their overall build quality or price. You can opt for low priced guitars, but they do not offer quality. Guitar enthusiasts always wish that there more choices between the substandard quality budget guitar and those that burn a deep hole in their pockets. Yamaha has filled this vacuum with one of their acoustic guitars. Keep on reading this Yamaha FG700S Guitar review to find out more about it, and why guitar enthusiasts all over the world prefer it over other brands.


This offering from Yamaha is a typical dreadnought. It costs around $300 to $350, and it is different from other guitars in its price range due to its solid spruce top that produces a tone better than guitars with laminated tops. The sides and back of this guitar are made of laminated Nato wood while Rosewood is used on its fretboard. The neck too is made out of Nato, contains die-cast tuners, and is fixed to the body with the help of a dovetail joint. The soundhole is adorned by an unobtrusive rosette. The neckboard is a little bit slimmer as the width of the fretboard is just 43mm. Although the saddle and nut are made of plastic, the other materials are better than what you will find in this price range, ensuring that the guitar lasts for a long time. As it is made of real wood, its sound will mature the more you play it. This model boasts of a non-scalloped X-bracing, which provides a deeper tone and improves its durability as well. The guitar contains a set of D’Addario acoustic guitar strings that seem to compliment the FG700S well. Also, the action of this guitar (the distance of the strings from the frets) is better than most guitars at the $200 price range. The finishing of this guitar is simplistic and sleek with white and black bindings, a red tortoiseshell pickguard, and a simple rosette.

How does the model play?

Thanks to its hard fretboard and slim neck, even small and untrained hands will be able to play this guitar effortlessly. You will love these features if you are a young beginner. Reduce the glossy grip on the backside by rubbing it with some abrasive material such as scotch-brite if you desire an even faster neck. Try playing anything apart from on different acoustic guitars, and you will be rewarded with rattling strings and muffled notes. On the contrary, the FG700S always encourages you to push yourself.

Model Information

You will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful way that the Yamaha FG700S responds to both strumming as well as fingerpicking. When using it, you will not notice the dampening and rattling that entry-level guitars are notorious for. As with its predecessors, it may suffer from a rather high string action, but this differs from one guitar to the other. You will find that this guitar great for growing as a guitarist. Whether you are just starting to play the guitar or are an advanced guitarist, you’ll find that the Yamaha FG700S is awesome for growing as a guitarist.

Being a dreadnought, you know that you will not face any problems with projection and volume, but the description is something that is frequently the issue with this body style. Yamaha’s FG700S has you covered on this too. The tone of the instrument is warm, with a slower response, but very well defined even in the lower end. Be prepared for a surprise when you hear the tone quality of this guitar. Compared to its low price, it sounds much more professional. It is responsive and smooth with a tangy and warm timbre. It is suitable for any genre that hinges on a steel acoustic. You might initially hear a jangly tone when you first use it, but this issue disappears when you play the guitar more. Together with its general versatility, this is the reason why this Yamaha guitar is the perfect choice for beginners and intermediates who want a guitar to progress on.

What people say

With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, it is easy to understand why guitarists love the Yamaha FG700S Guitar. According to them, it is an excellent guitar for both advanced players as well as beginners and that its price-to-quality ratio is unbelievable.

How it compares to other acoustic guitar models

We shall compare the Yamaha to a similar guitar manufactured by a different company to get a better feel of its performance. There are two significant differences when it boils down to the build. The AD60 boasts of a bracing pattern that is forward shifted and is made of Mahogany instead of Nato, which increases its volume. It also boasts of pre-installed strap knobs and a bone nut as well as saddle. However, both of them are similar. The sound of the AD60 is somewhat more discordant and brighter. However, it is not quite as smooth as that of the FG700S. The AD60, which costs around $300, has a wider neck, so young guitarists might find it more challenging to play barre chords.

Is the Yamaha FG700S suitable for me?

Top-quality guitars are not available at a lower price. Even though it is among the most basic guitars in the Yamaha FG series, its price and quality are commendable. You cannot go wrong with this model if you only need a reliable and dependable traditional steel-string acoustic. I strongly suggest it to both intermediates and beginners looking for a pocket-friendly entry-level guitar, but are not interested in cheap junk. The no-nonsense approach is the secret behind the FG series. The company has implemented a robust function-over-form policy, which has been paying off ever since the first FG guitar was sold. The Yamaha FG700S guitar boasts of reasonable pricing, good materials, and a rock-solid build. All of these factors combined make for a rather capable acoustic guitar that is more than suitable for beginners.

PROs & CONs Listing

• Very versatile sound
• Superb quality for the price
• Easy to play
• Strong sound projection

No cutaway
• Some users have reported about its high string action

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