Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority has extremely strict standards for internet gambling
enterprises and only awards gambling licenses to those who meet them. Even though
the Malta Gaming Authority has a small area of jurisdiction in terms of population and
geographical area, many countries still recognize and use the online casino nz no deposit
organization's licenses and gaming guidelines for their residents alone.

However, obtaining a gambling license from the Malta Gaming Authority is a difficult
task. Companies that want to do so must meet several requirements, including having
adequate funds to fund the firm, having a clear ownership structure, being competent to
provide the services they offer, working with integrity, and having no criminal ties.

If the company meets these requirements , it will be eligible for a Malta Gaming Authority
license. After receiving a license, any company that violates the MGA's rules and
regulations risks revoking its license.

How Do I Apply for A License?

The Authority has made the required processes available through its Licensee
Relationship Management System (LRMS). By logging into the LRMS and following the
basic processes, applicants can apply.

The LRMS comes with a dashboard that lets users view the status of individual
requests in real-time, ensuring transparency and efficiency. KPMG Malta understands
the challenges and opportunities that gaming companies face.

KPMG also has Global Gambling and DLT Teams, which bring together regional
experience from various jurisdictions. Because casino slots NZ combine their industry
experience from multiple centers worldwide, we can give a fully professional service that
transcends functional and geographical barriers.

How Does the Company Work?

1. Fit and Proper Test by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

The MGA assesses all information linked to all shareholders, UBOs, and personnel
involved in finance and management, as well as the business sustainability of the
operation, to determine if the applicant is fit and proper. In addition, probity
investigations are carried out by the MGA in collaboration with other national and
international regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies.

2. Requirements for Operations and Statutory Requirements

The applicant gets tested on the equipment needed to run the business. The
incorporation documents, operational policies and procedures, games and gaming, and
control systems, technical setup, including system, network, and application
architecture, game rules, terms, conditions, and procedures, and other documents that
may be required are all examined during this process.

3. Control by the state and private enterprise

The state does not own or run gambling establishments. On the other hand, the
National Lottery can only be operated with ministerial permission or by anyone who has
been granted a concession. When government policy dictates that certain gaming
services can only be offered if the applicant has a relevant and legitimate government
concession, the MGA will not award a gaming service license unless the applicant has a
relevant and legal government concession.

Take away

The MGA was established in 2001 to monitor the numerous aspects of the gaming
industry that fall within its purview, including providing fairness and transparency to
players who utilize gaming services, preventing crime, corruption, and money
laundering, and safeguarding young and vulnerable players.


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