Fascinating Hobbies of R&B Heroes

We’d never have thought that Beyonce was a bee-keeper

So you know all of the lyrics off by heart, you’ve memorised the tracklisting for every album and you can quote the time stamp for each single. Well, maybe not quite, but let’s say you’re a big fan of a whole lot of R&B heroes. What do you know about their life outside of music? Of course, us fans love them the most for what they bring to the world creatively, but it’s always interesting to find out what our idols do in their spare time. These are the hobbies of some of the most fascinating names in R&B right now.

Nelly, Poker Player

There are a lot of R&B artists who enjoy a trip to the casino as there’s something about the glitz and glamour that ties both worlds neatly together. So, it will come as no surprise that Nelly isn’t any different. The only thing that separates this star from the rest of the casino clique is his preference for poker above all else. The artist has got quite the talent at the table and has even played in a few big tournaments. Sadly the poker table moment that he is most remembered for is when he finally lost his cool at an opponent who was talking down to him. We’ve all been there, in a moment where we’ve blown our fuse, but in the world of celebrity, you just can’t afford to. Hot-headed or not, Nelly has a real talent for poker and we’re looking forward to seeing him back at the table and winning again. If all of this talk has got you wondering whether you might be any good at the game, then you might want to try it out for yourself. So, Where Can You Play Online Poker? In the US each state has different laws, but the majority will let you play online.

Chris Brown, Burger Flipper

Chris Brown is no stranger to the limelight, for good reasons and for bad. His latest work with Joyner Lucas has thrust him right back into the spotlight again for all the right reasons. Chris’ hobby came about at a low point in his life, but taking it to the level that he has might just have made him some serious money! Being a massive burger lover, Chris set about searching for a restaurant to buy. He ended up settling on the Burger King chain and now owns no less than fourteen Burger King restaurants. Some might argue that this hobby is more business than pleasure, but if you listen to Chris talking about his love for the restaurant, then you might realise it definitely crosses between the two.

Beyonce, Queen Bee

Although many of us know her as Queen B, this nickname might be a weirder coincidence than you had originally thought. After all, it’s just the first letter of her name, right? That’s certainly how the nickname began, but Beyonce mentioned in a recent interview that she actually enjoys bee-keeping as a hobby. It might be difficult to imagine this glamorous diva dressed head to toe in protective clothing, but apparently, she’s a keen hobbyist with hives of her own. Producing honey from your backyard has been a popular hobby with gardeners, hippies and allotment owners for decades, but thanks to the anti-allergen and anti-oxidant properties of honey, it’s now becoming more and more popular with the rich and famous. Whether they’re smothering it on their skin, drinking it in their tea, or selling it to all their Hollywood pals, it’s funny to see so many celebs getting in on what was once such a niche hobby.


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