“DO THINGS” Released by Kandy Apple Redd

Listen now: https://smarturl.it/l5vfo6

Kandy Apple Redd (KAR) is a duo of beautiful ladies with great vocal skills who sing “Do Things” the song that’s featured in this R&B music review. KAR is made up of Patavian Lewis and Tonysha Nelson. The two are from all over north America. Tonysha started out in Toronto and moved to DC and Maryland, while Patavian was born in LA and grew up in Brooklyn. They recently toured the world with the P-funk clan and the grandfather of funk, George Clinton.

Now, with their release of “Do Things”, the ladies are cutting loose. Their blended voices work perfectly together. Isotopia Records produced this dynamic duo’s tune, that has all the elements of a soon-to-be-popular ‘date’ song. Whether two will end up swaying as one on the dance floor or you’re sitting alone and imagining time with your special someone, this song will be playing in many backgrounds soon.

With soft, sultry vocal patterns reminiscent of a two voice version of the Supremes, their voices are so harmonic. They deliver a song like they’ve been singing all their lives. Great praise should be given to their trainers for their professional vocal delivery. With excellent stamina they precisely execute high notes moving smoothly into low notes and gliding with ease into those much appreciated long notes.

It’s easy to sit back and enjoy “You do things that make me cling to you. That’s the kind of sh**t that I’m talking about, when you’re doing things like that there and yes that there…” Just like the song says it stirs desires.

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