Tay Iwar Makes Special Appearance on Apple’s Beats 1 Radio with Joe Kay

Nigerian R&B, Afro-fusion artist Tay Iwar made a special appearance on Joe Kay’s radio show.

Joe Kay is the founder of Apple Beats 1 Radio show Artist Collective and label Soulection. He recently returned from Somerset House in London and worked with the city’s best musicians and producers. While there, Tay Iwar made a special appearance on Kay’s radio show. During his appearance, Iwar performed hit single “Miracle Girl,” off his debut album, “Gemini,” and an unreleased track called “Selfish.”

Born Austin Iornogu Iwar, he started off not wanting to make music. The singer was forced to take piano lessons by his father at an early age. By 13, his feelings about music turned positive, and he fell in love with making music as well as creating art. From there, he began working with his brothers Sute and Terna Iwar and co-founded Bantu Collective. The artist was interested in making music for video games, and he learned how to master instruments and sound engineering. With his high level of music creativity, it eventually led him to release his debut project, “Passport,” and later mixtape, “Renascentia.”

Iwar’s partnership and investment deal with L.A. based indie label, Soulection made it possible for fans across the globe to enjoy his album, “Gemini.” The project consisted of a mixture between R&B and Afro-fusion. He describes Afro-fusion as any genre of music made that has a strong influence and roots in African rhythms.

Iwar recently sat down with OkayAfrica and got personal about the driving force behind his musical art and recent album. “Gemini was just me saying I’m going to truly express how I feel on these records,” said Iwar. “Rather than make records that carry emotions, I’m actually going to express myself. With Passport and Renascentia I was trying to sell emotions. I was trying to craft a specific sound and a specific vibe, but with “Gemini,” it was just an expression, and a lot of the songs were just spontaneous in their creation.”

What makes Iwar unique is his flawlessness in making unprecedented music. Iwar’s soulful music is a reflection of his emotions and love for the art. With his latest album “Gemini,” the singer felt that this body of work is his best yet. The collection is a reflection of his worldview where all songs are connected and telling the story of Iwar’s experiences. Be on the lookout for Kay’s London weekly collaborations and make sure to listen to Iwar’s album, “Gemini,” out now.