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Music: ‪Lavaado & AC Bonifacio – In And Out‬

After millions of views for his internationally successful #SwitchItUp dance challenge, 17-year-old Atlanta rapper Lavaado teams up with Philippino singer AC Bonifacio for the new song, “In and Out.”

“In and Out” is a dance single similar to Lavaado’s previous viral sensation “Switch It Up,” which racked up over 8 million views. On the track, Lavaado raps and gives instructions on how to do his new dance, while AC raps and sings.

With “In and Out” being out for only a week, the song has already garnered over 85k views on YouTube. Additionally, Lavaado uploaded a tutorial video to show fans how to do the song’s dance and participate in the challenge.

Besides featuring the song on their social media pages, both Lavaado and AC have posted a side-by-side video of them dancing to the song.

The song represents an international collaboration symbolizing how Atlanta’s influence in Hip-Hop reaches across the world.

“The International love is crazy, especially from the Philippines,” Lavaado said. “It’s starting to grow across India, Asia, Australia, and some of London.”

Especially in India, where actress and dancer Avneet Kaur, who stars as Yasmine in the Indian television series Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga, has performed the challenge on her Instagram page for her 3.3 million followers.

As a result of the popularity of “Switch It Up,” Lavaado and AC met online which sparked the decision to collab.

“The collab with AC came about when she made a tutorial to ‘Switch It Up’ on the One Music PH Youtube Channel, and I reacted to it,” the Shiloh High School senior explains.

“Then, I DMed her and asked her if she wanted to collab on a song with me. She replied, ‘I’m So Down.’ Then, we went from there,” he added.

AC is a Canadian-born, Philippines-based dancer, singer, and actress, whose singing and dance videos have made her popular internationally.

“In and Out” is currently available on Spotify and YouTube. Projected to be the next viral challenge, participants can take a look at Lavaado’s video to learn how to do the dance and take part in all the fun.

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