Jadagrace Tackles Sexual Harassment in “My Rules” Video

Almost three years ago, we introduced Jadagrace to the world in an exclusive interview.

Now, the 18-year-old protégé of legendary entertainment mogul Berry Gordy is ready for the spotlight and she’s also introducing her own experiences.

Jada delivers the music video for her new single, “My Rules,” a sultry song that touches on the current sexual harassment climate while being fun, and catchy for a young audience.

About the creative direction of the video, Jada told refinery29: “I originally thought about the movie Easy A with Emma Stone and went off of that idea where guys are disrespecting her, but inside she’s really not the type of girl to settle for men like that. I wanted to show the difference between being flirty and being disrespectful. We also threw a throwback Britney vibe in there too to make it a fun video as well. We got a great result which was to communicate a message through the video and also make it an enjoyable one for people to watch.”

“My Rules” is also a personal record for Jadagrace — she also experienced sexual harassment.

“Of course, there are a lot of allegations about sexual harassment, abuse, etc. However, it has always been a topic that has not been talked about enough. I wanted to show people that this is happening so often, and it has gotten to the point where I can barely walk a few blocks without being disrespected or whistled at by a man,” she adds. “Some women are approached in disgusting and degrading ways, when sometimes a simple ‘I think you’re beautiful’ is enough. My main goal was to just empower women and let men know that there are boundaries. We should be able to dress sexy without worrying about what could happen to us as a result of that.”

Along with the video, Jadagrace also teamed with remixer Colin Callahan for a remix bundle of “My Rules.” He expands the sonic palette of the original song with the dance floor-ready energy of the “Future House Remix” and “Future Bass Remix.”

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  • ...ummm...I realize that she’s only what? 18 or so? I “get” that she wants to make a defining statement about current events. I “get” that she wants to use the song to speak for her feelings and wants to empower others to feel the same way. I do..I “get it”. BUT...I don’t think people have thought things all the way through.
    What do I mean by this? I mean that by singing and telling girls that they can empower themselves, thereby stopping sexual harassment just by setting their own limits is incredibly simple minded, doesn’t really show a true understanding of how sexual harassment works and could possibly give girls a false sense of security.
    Let’s be brutally honest here about this brutal issue. Girls should be taught first that a sexual harasser can harass them regardless of the their own personal decisions about limits. We should be dealing with this issue with the mindset of “even the best laid plans of mice and men” and NOT by giving people a false sense of security.
    I DO appreciate the effort being made here, I truly do. I just think that in order to be more effective something comparable needs to be done simultaneously that’s aimed at curbing the harasser themselves.

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