PREMIERE: Devon Braxton – Get a Grip On It

You don’t need a big budget for a music video when you have a well thought out and creative concept!

With that said, Singersroom premieres the visual for emerging R&B/Pop singer Devon Braxton’s new single, “Get a Grip On It,” a soulful and hearty record about following your dreams.

In the clip, the New Jersey native gives us a looking into his younger self, showing how music started for him, including the support of his parents.

“The video starts out with an older version of me watching a moment that occurred in the past of when younger me had started to discover his musical side,” Devon tells Singersroom. “The video follows the events of the past that led to me becoming the artist I am today. You see the moments of when I first picked up a guitar, when I first told my parents about my passion, and some cool dance breaks in between.”

He continued: “I had the time of my life! I had never shot a music video before this so in the beginning of the day I felt really awkward, but the director and crew were so cool and professional that it helped me open up and really show what I could do on camera,” he added. “The whole thing took 14 HOURS!!….but I have never been happier! My parents weren’t too thrilled, though. It was shot in my actual house so they had to sit around and wait a while. I did manage to get them to agree to make a cameo!”

Devon also explains the creative process surrounding the single, which taps into the 80s and draws inspiration from the likes of the late Michael Jackson and Prince. “The inspiration for the song came from the time of my life when I had the realization that music was something I wanted to do forever,” he said. “Being a very introverted and private person, aspiring to be a social and public musician, was a hard transition I knew that I had to make in order to get the ball rolling. I had to “get a grip” on my old tendencies in order to achieve success personally and musically.”

“Get a Grip On It” appears on Devon’s recently released debut EP, Making Moves, which he wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered all on his own.

“The single “Get a Grip On It” is the first song on the project, and also the introduction of myself,” he says. “This song was actually written last. After I had finished the other songs on the EP and felt that I had a clear understanding of the concept, I could properly write my introduction that set the tone off right. This is also the first song ever that I had shot a music video for.”


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