PREMIERE: Yasmin Kadi Wants to “Love You For Life” in New Music Video

Sierra Leone-born, UK based singer, and songwriter Yasmin Kadi premieres the music video for her latest single, “Love You For Life,” a record produced by Linus Nordstorm & Maestro ‘The Baker’ (Rihanna). In the clip, the eclectic songstress celebrates love and happiness by soaking up the beauties of the picturesque world around her, including a mountaintop lookout and the beach.

“Love You For Life” came to life with the support of fans via a crowdfunded campaign. The genre-bending record brandishes an island/world feel, while Yasmin delights with her intoxicating delivery.

About the song, she tells Singersroom, “It’s about experiencing a love way beyond the stratosphere that you have no choice but to love them for life.”

Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Yasmin was forced to flee to the UK with her family at a very young age after her their home was attacked during the blood diamond conflict. Amidst all that turmoil, Yasmin used music to express herself. “Growing up in Africa, you don’t really have a voice, especially as a female,” she recollects. “You always had to suppress how you felt and your opinions didn’t really matter to a certain extent, so I was determined naturally as I got older to just speak my mind.”

Watch the music video for “Love You For Life” as Yasmin shares her experiences and voice through her music.


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