Esperanza Spaulding To Create Album In Three Days On Facebook Live

Singer-musician Esperanza Spalding has an innovative plan to create her next album: she’ll write and record her next album on Facebook Live in only 77 hours straight, for all the world to see.

Fans of the the Grammy-award-winning singer-songwriter and jazz bassist will get to see her in the music lab creating the album nonstop, even witnessing her sleep (and probably eating) breaks.  The album will aptly be titled “Exposure,” and she’ll begin the creation process on Sept 12th at 12 p.m. EST. According to The NY Times, she aims to finish ten songs.

In a statement, Spaulding says:

“I foresee that creating before a live audience will add excitement and extra inspiration energy. Knowing someone is watching and listening to what you’re making seems to conjure up a sort of “can’t fail” energy. The necessity to keep going because it’s live draws up another depth of creative facility that can’t be reached when you know you can try again tomorrow.

Having such limited time to write and record 10 songs will also force us to rely on improvisation and first instinct. Not allowing us time to judge, second guess, question, or alter the initial hits of inspiration that drive the creation of each song.

That means that the audience will get a record of the most potent, charged, fresh-from-the ethers-compositional, musical and lyrical content. Of course they will be formed into songs, but they’ll carry the charge of the immediate, of the innately inspired artists co-creating in the room throughout the 3 day process.”

Only 7,777 CDs will be released once the album is finished, along with pieces of the notepaper on which Spalding wrote the music.

Watch Spalding’s announcement below.

This daring move is almost like a protest in the name of creativity in a money-hungry music industry. “You’re hard-pressed to find an artist, especially a commercial artist, who’s able to create without the constraints of being able to prove that what you’re making is going to earn ‘us’ money — us being the bank,” Ms. Spalding told the NY Times.

Bold! Should be interesting to witness.

What are your thoughts on Spalding’s audacious move, Roomies?