Ne-Yo Appreciates A Woman Who Knows Her Worth On Buzz Single ‘Earn Your Love’

Ne-Yo appreciates a quality woman.

After a hiatus from dropping solo music, the singer-songwriter  is back with a new groove called “Earn Your Love.” On the smooth, strong offering, he reps for the men who appreciate a woman who are “hard to get.”

“Don’t just give in, make me earn your love / Show you that I’m worthy, let me prove to you that I’m worthy,” he sings on the chorus.

He captioned with the new song: “A Good Man will earn you. He’ll work for it and won’t mind working for it because he recognizes your worth. Ladies, find a man that’ll ‘Earn Your Love.’ Enjoy this appetizer guys. Album coming soon.”

Stream Ne-Yo’s solid comeback buzz single below: