Upcoming Artist Dani Mendez Covers The Beatles’ ‘Blackbird’

Upcoming singer/songwriter/producer Dani Mendez covers the Beatles’ song “Blackbird.” After reading a Billboard article about the meaning of the song and it’s relation to the Civil Rights Movement, Dani was inspired to come up with her own arrangement with just piano.

“After reading the article I was deeply inspired to just play piano and reflect on the song’s meaning,” Dani explains. “It was a humbling experience to be reminded in a different way about the sacrifices of many throughout the years, as they paved the way for justice and equality. From that whole experience came this arrangement!! Today I share this video as a reminder to all of us that no matter how old we are and how broken we may feel, it’s never too late to chase dreams, stand up for what’s right, and fly!!!”

Watch the emotive black and white visual below:

Dani is currently in the process of writing and producing her debut EP, which is described as “R&B fusion.”