Wasionkey – No.Body

Connecticut-based singer/songwriter Wasionkey (pronounced Was-I-on-key) released the visual to accompany his 2016 breakout single No.Body.” The single has been making noise in the underground R&B world since its release.

Inspired by the 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the music video finds Wasionkey undergoing an erasure procedure to eliminate all memories of a past romantic fling.  “I think I’ve also been low-key trying to get her out of my mind in real life; art imitates life that way.  I re-released the record on her birthday and chose Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to inspire the visual because it was our favorite movie,” Wasionkey explained.

Watch the cinematic clip below:

Born Emmanuel Christiano Jacinthe, he coined the name “Wasionkey” after noticing how often he would ask “Was I on key?” after a recording session. In 2012, he was determined to embark on the journey to being successful in this industry and that journey started with him losing weight. While working on his new mixtape “Lost in Translation” (released August 13, 2013) he managed to lose 70lbs. Wasionkey then made a music video for the popular track “Tracy” which details his mindset after going through such a dramatic weight loss which he directed and edited himself.

Always having been a fan of R&B, Wasionkey’s first influences were Usher, Ginuwine, and Boyz II Men, who he often watched on television growing up. With this influences and his own unique style, Wasionkey aims to make universal, timeless music by bringing an edgy neosoul vibe to the Hip Hop arena.