Dr. E – Mutha Werk

Cleveland-native, singer, songwriter and author named Dr. E (b. Elaine Richardson) releases the first single “Mutha Werk” from her forthcoming autobiographical concept album called Songs for the Struggle.

“Mutha Werk” is a funky tune that celebrates the hard and often overlooked work women do to not only survive but also care for family and friends.

Stream below:

Songs for the Struggle is inspired by her life story of a sex trafficked teenager and young adult entrapped in abuse and how she overcame the odds who earned her Ph.D. and became professor of Literary Studies at Ohio University. The soul and funk music set reveals the travails and triumphs of her experiences with the goal of shedding light on the all too common circumstances of many poor women and women of color who find themselves struggling to overcome social barriers.

“My songs are about me finally accepting who I am, and I want that message of accepting yourself to reach everyone—especially the downtrodden,” states Dr. E. “No matter your struggles, what you’ve experienced and what you know is worth something. Only when you realize that can you empower yourself and your community.”

Songs for the Struggle is an extension of her academic and literary writings, speaking engagements and one-woman show performances, and her Inspirational Soul Queen concerts, which explore the intersection of Afro diasporic cultures and cultural literacy and their relations to girls’ and women’s empowerment, and love power.

Songs for the Struggle is due out in May.