Beyonce’s Pregnancy Causing Grammy Performance Changes; Singer Hit With Lawsuit Over ‘Formation’ Sample

Ever since her pregnancy announcement last week, Beyonce fans have been wondering how she would go about performing at some of her pre-scheduled gigs such as the Grammy’s this weekend and the Coachella festival in April.

According to TMZ, her Grammy performance this weekend is constantly being tweaked to accommodate her condition.  Sources say a screen on-stage will feature digital visuals to compensate for her limited movement on stage, and there will be many cameos.

In other Bey news, the singer is facing a lawsuit regarding her single “Formation” and the sample used in the song. In the song, a snippet of late New Orleans rapper Messy Mya’s voice is used from a Youtube clip (around the :40 mark below).

According to TMZ, Messy Mya’s estate claims Bey used the sample without permission, and a rep from the estate was unsuccessful in trying to contact Beyoncé about the sample. The estate is reportedly asking for over $20 million in royalties and other damages because the recording features some of the late rapper’s last recorded words; the video was recorded a month before the rapper’s death.