Chrisette Michelle Responds To Inauguration Backlash With Poem ‘No Political Genius’

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Ever since R&B songstress Chrisette Michele announced she was to perform at the inauguration of Donald Trump last week, she’s been receiving major backlash from fans and celebs alike; that includes director Spike Lee who revealed he’s not going to use her song “Black Girl Magic” in an upcoming Netflix project he’s working on.

Since then, she’s performed at the inaugural event for a cool $250,000 and her fiance and manager Doug Ellison told Spike Lee “f*ck you,” and Ellison got into it with rapper Talib Kweli on social media.

Now, Chrisette has the last word (hopefully) with this spoken word piece called “No Political Genius.” In the piece, Michele addresses those who criticized her and defends her decision.  “I am the black song Spike Lee won’t sing/I am the black voice inauguration bells ring,” she opens.

At one point, she recites, “Your hateful words won’t be my defining moment … They will be my ammunition to fight the system/We will win them/Hope is alive/This is my standing/For John Lewis and Ben Carson/Questlove, Spike Lee, and before them/I won’t divide now/That’s not smart now/God before me, I won’t back down/This is my damn America now.”

Listen below:



I think people wouldn’t have lashed out as much if she would have simply said the performance was for the money because I don’t see how her performance built any bridges; the business transaction has gone through, she’s paid, and Trump and his administration are still going to do what they’re going to do.

What are your thoughts, Roomies?



  1. pam grier January 23, 2017 at 7:25 pm - Reply

    what i’ve been saying all along. just tell the truth. as an artist, you have to cater to your fanbase you created, and take a look into how any one decision (esp a polarizing one such as this) will affect your Tomorrow. Now is not Forever, and nothing will change because you now want to play activist. Chump and Co will still not know your name/buy your music/go to your concerts.
    sadly, a lot of your fanbase won’t, either.

  2. sweet dee January 24, 2017 at 8:24 pm - Reply

    Tell-em girl… I love it. Hell with black folks. Get your money.

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