Chinese Pop Singer Jane Zhang Talks Music, Achieving International Success, Timbaland, New Song & More

Back in 2005, Jane Zhang was first recognized in an all-female, Chinese singing competition called Super Girl and shocked the world with her incredible voice. Week after week, 400 million people tuned in to watch her sing in front of a massive audience. Twelve years later, Zhang’s talent is still recognized in the music world.

In 2016, she collaborated with Grammy award-winning producer, Timbaland on the song “Dust My Shoulders Off,” and it was a Top 10 single on iTunes. The song’s message clearly states you have to keep moving push forward despite what life throws at you.

Zhang understands the music industry is very cut-throat and judgmental, but she’s determined to leave a ground-breaking impact in the industry. In “Dust My Shoulders Off,” she says, “The world keeps spinning, life goes on and on/ I won’t cry for long.” And with Timbaland co-signing, Zhang will definitely be an artist to look out for in 2017.

Singersroom briefly spoke with the jaw-dropping vocalist about singing, her collab with Timbaland, and more.

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Why did you decide to pursue a singing career?

Actually, the singing career chose me in a way. The event that placed me on the path to becoming a singer was a singing competition a while back. Because my life was very simple (borderline boring) and I didn’t have a lot of friends, so I actually joined the competition for the chance to meet new friends who love to sing like me (and a free plane ticket to travel).

Because of the attention that I received in the competition, my life was completely and very suddenly changed. After the competition, I realized I couldn’t go back to my old life. I took a month to think over & decide to give this new life a try.

What’s the concept for the song “Dust My Shoulders Off”?

I come from a different culture, so I believe that there are many different ways to convey our feelings. But there must be some similarities in our lives because we are all humans dealing with real life problems. So I wanted the lyrics to really just reflect the real life. I hope when you listen to the song, it feels like a close friend who’s chatting with you about how your day is going.

What was it like working with Grammy award winning producer Timbaland?

Timbaland is a very creative and professional producer. He taught me a lot when we were in the studio. When I did this album, I felt like I was starting a fresh new life in my music and I’m very grateful for that.

What can music lovers expect from your debut album in 2017?

Through this album, I know I’ve already seen a better me. But as for the audience, I’ll leave the answer up to them.

How do you plan on bridging the gap between Chinese and American music?

I hope my music will be the bridge.

Did you collaborate with any other producers for your debut album?

Timbaland is the executive producer. I also worked with other great producers such as Jim Beanz, King Logan, J-Roc, Neyo & Corporal.

What makes someone a great singer?

Being a good listener.

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