Mario Stars On The Cover Of VULKAN Magazine

Back in September, KeKe Palmer graced the cover of VULKAN Magazine; now it’s Mario’s turn.

The R&B crooner is back on the scene with a new single called “I Need More,” and he’s dishing on his hiatus with the mag about his performance on ABC’s “Greatest Hits” with Zendaya this past summer, working in the studio, his fifteen-year career, and more.

About the single, he says,”  The song itself and the vibe of the record is just me being free, having fun, and testing the waters in terms of what I can do creatively, and what my fans like and don’t like. Having the platform to do this project, and the opportunity to experiment, resulted in “I Need More.”

About his performance of “Let Me Love You” with Zendaya, he says he liked that she gave the song a female perspective. “She really felt what those words meant to her, which is what I liked about this collaborative effort…to share the stage with her was really inspirational for me, as a male singer, to know that women still want to hear that. They still want to hear those songs that make them feel appreciated, and protected, and to know that there are guys out there that still know what love is,” he said.

The accompanying photo shoot shows the suave crooner showing off chic fashion an his muscular body.

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