Pleasure P Calls Rapper Tyga a “Punk”; Says He’s Not Honorable

Pleasure P has real issues with Tyga. During a recent interview with The Domenick Nati Show, the R&B singer and former Pretty Ricky group member called out the West Coast rapper for his shady business insisting, “I don’t really like Tyga…I don’t really rock with Duke.”

Apparently, Pleasure and Tyga had plans of doing something major together, but as the wheels were turning, Tyga backed out, leaving Pleasure and his label with wasted expenses.

“He’s a punk,” says Pleasure as he describes their fall out. “We came up together. I was on way before him, so I got to know him when he was first going around [Lil] Wayne, so this is somebody I’ve been around. For me, I had my ups and downs in the music business and stuff like that. Timing is everything, so me and him did a song together and he just wasn’t honorable to his word… When it was time to push the record or to do the video…It’s like if you wasn’t even gonna rock like that, you shouldn’t have told me to put out this record.

Pleasure continued: “Right now, I’m reviving my career. You got this record company, who’s putting up money behind me…You made them waste their money. It kind of was a bad situation for me; I can’t respect anybody like that.

Pleasure when on to say he’s not “trying to sound bitter, but business is business.”

Check out the full interview below:

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