Sabrina Claudio Will Have You Feeling Sexy After Watching Her ‘Confidently Lost’ Video

Get ready for a soul-stirring experience!

Sabrina Claudio releases the sensual and passionate music video for her heartstrings-pulling new single, ‘Confidently Lost.’ In the Daniel Behrens-directed clip, the soulful singer/songwriter is seen in her cozy home moving throughout oh so tenderly while infusing a warm and erotic vibe. To be clearer; she will get you turned on!

Sabrina’s smooth and stimulating movements go hand-in-hand with her undeniable melodies and soothing vocal delivery. Loneliness may have never felt this good as she sings, “I’m alone but not lonely/ Comfortably indulging in trying to get to know me/ I’m just an outline of what I used to be/ Constantly evolving/ Steadily revolving/ I am confidently lost/ I don’t need you to find me.”

Get to know this 20-year-old LA-based songstress by listening to her Confidently Lost EP.

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