R&B Crooner Lloyd Returns & Remains ‘Tru’

The world hasn’t heard from Lloyd since his 2011 project King Of Hearts, but he’s back now, and he’s staying “Tru” to those smooth R&B sounds he’s known for.

“Tru” is a re-introduction from Lloyd, a musical letter to fans to catch up on what he’s been up to during his hiatus.

“Hey world, I know it’s been awhile / thought I’d come around and let you know what’s up now,” he sings on the first verse. He gets candid, talking about real life occurrences that put his career on hold. He lays it all out on the table: “Came home helped my sister raise a child / Kinda hurt me cause I could have had my own now / Lost my baby damn it’s really hitting home now,” he sings on the second verse.

The video features Lloyd as he takes some time to reflect on everything.

Glad Lloyd’s back!

Purchase “Tru” on iTunes HERE.