It’s ‘Love’ At First Sight For Singer-Songwriter Nola Ade

Earlier this year, Chicago songstress Nola Ade released her debut EP The Love Dance and this single, “Love,” now she’s finding love in the video for the feel-good song.

On the lush tune, Nola is unsure about a new love interest for fear of getting hurt again.“Cause I can’t afford to let another player back into my life / Are you somewhat involved? If so I’ll count my loss / You’re enticing persona would have to be questioned from afar,” she sings on the first verse.

In the video, the singer attends a house party and it’s love at first sight when a guy comes in who catches her eye. They talk, and eventually end up chillin’ on the couch.

Seems like he’s a keeper!

Purchase The Love Dance on iTunes HERE.