Tweet Reveals Her New, High-Profile Romance With Pastor Jamal Bryant

Singer Tweet (real name Charlene) is enjoying a new romance with Pastor Jamal Bryant of the Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

The two announced their budding relationship on a recent episode of “The Preachers” on which Bryant is a host.  “We’ve grown into an incredible friendship,” he told the audience. Bryant plans on the long-haul for their relationship:  “I call her my last lady,” he said.

The pastor was formerly married to Gizelle Bryant of the Real Housewives of Potomac fame. They divorced in 2009 due to Bryant’s cheating, and they share three daughters.

In Bryant and Tweet’s big reveal on “The Preachers,” he explains how he met his new love.

“A year ago I was walking through Times Square going to an Oprah Winfrey movie premiere and I bumped into R&B Singer Tweet, who is my absolute favorite female singer in the world,” he said. “And, I pulled an Orrick move and asked for a picture.”

Tweet said it’s been difficult dating Brant because of all of the rumors and constant flow of women who claim they are his girlfriend.

Ok, Tweet, guard your heart, because Bryant doesn’t have a great reputation of being a one-woman-man.

ESSENCE writer Demetria Lucas D’Oyley wrote  in May about new allegations  against Bryant masseuse accused the minister of fathering her 10-month-old son, and claims he won’t acknowledge or financially support the child. Yikes.

Watch clips of  Tweet and Pastor Jamal’s chat on the show below. Do you think Tweet and Bryant are a good match?