Chris Brown’s Manager Claims Singer Assaulted Him; Brown Responds, Claims Manager Stole Money

Chris Brown can’t catch a break. As he tours Europe, and attempts to separate himself from his assault charge past, vultures are still trying to slam his name in hopes of getting a coin.

According to TMZ, Brown’s former manager Mike G sued filed a lawsuit against Brown claiming Breezy beat him to a pulp for no reason, claiming it was during a drug-fueled rage. In the suit, Mike says he had to go to the emergency room for his injuries.

But Chris wasn’t having it!

Shortly after news broke of the lawsuit, Brown posted a video on Instagram to clear out what really happened, claiming he fired Mike because he was stealing money.

“You’re stealing money, pal. So you’re mad because you’re no longer existent. It’s alright. We’re gonna keep pushing. God bless you. Wish you the best of luck,” he retorted in the video. He added he plans on paying the lawsuit no mind, because, in his words, “Nobody comes out clean in a shit-throwing contest.”

Watch Breezy’s priceless response below: