L.A.-Based Artist Christian O Looks For Fleeting Romance In ‘We Got Tonight’ (Lyric Video)

NYC-born, Los Angeles-residing singer/songwriter Christina O drops his lyric video for his chill single “We Got Tonight.” It’s a mid-tempo chill groove about reveling in the moment of heated, passionate romance.

“I know this type of love wasn’t built to last, like a flame from a match that will burn so fast,” he sings on the first verse.

Christian O emerged in LA in the fall of 2015. A poet and lover of music, he’s released multiple singles and dropped an EP, A Little Bit of Everything. As a child of the 90s, the EP represents all the sounds Christian O grew up on: Pop/R&B/House/Rock.

Walking barefoot in the jungle, waking up on the beaches of Southeast Asia, and his love affairs are some of the experiences he’s drawing from for his first studio album due out later this year. He’s lived in many countries, seen countless cultures, and met all types of people along the way.

Are his listeners ready for a taste of this journey?