Bibi Bourelly Talks To Music Choice About Songwriting & Making Music On Her Own Terms (Video)

Bibi Bourelly is known for penning Rihanna’s “B*tch Better Have My Money (BHMM)” as well as tunes for Selena Gomez and as a feature on Usher’s “Chains” ft. Nas. She also boasts three singles “Riot”, “Ego”, and “Sally.”

She spoke with Music Choice about breaking free from being only a songwriter; she says she feels more like a full-fledged artist.

“I don’t even think that I’m like that good of a “songwriter” because it’s not what I was built to do,” she says. “I think that I’m more of like an artist and what I mean by artist I’m not talking about the industry definition like ‘recording artist and songwriter.'”

And when it comes it comes to being her own artist, she says she refuses to be molded by the industry. “Like I’m not letting nobody f*** with me or put pressure on me or none of that you know like f*** that, like I make music and I do this s***for real and I know that the moment that I let or allow other people to kind of f****** make me nervous or push me into a direction I don’t want to go in to like you know just put out like an album or whatever… it defeats the entire f****** point I’m trying to make.”

Bourelly’s EP Free The Real: Part #2 is set for release on June 24th followed by a performance at the BET Experience weekend.