Fantasia Releases Bluesy Single, ‘Sleeping With The One I Love’

It’s clear Fantasia’s forthcoming album The Definition Of… will cater to many musical tastes: “rock-soul” on “No Time For It,” a country sound on “Ugly” and her classic soul on “So Blue.”

Tasia’s latest offering “Sleeping With The One I Love” is a heavy blues tune about an affair. She candidly and guiltlessly sings, “I’m sleeping with the man I love because the one I’m with just ain’t good enough.”

Can you already see her tearing this song up during live her performances? I can! Plus this is a juicy concept! Surely this isn’t loosely inspired by her previous relationship with married man Antwaun Cook? Naaahh!

The Definition Of…  is set to arrive on July 29th. Pre-order on iTunes HERE.