New Jersey-Based Artist NADER Wants To ‘Take It Back’

Who hasn’t wanted to go back in time to right a wrong?

That’s what Lebanese Jersey artist Nader wants to do on his new single “Take It Back.”

Produced by Eddie “Shy Boogs” Timmons (Fetty Wap, Lauryn Hill, Chris Brown, Omarion), the dark song is an emotional and remorseful plea to his significant other to provide another chance.

“You gave me no answers, and we aimed it with no closure /..all the words that came out my mouth, I take it back now,” he sings on the first verse and chorus.



NADER embarks through each day filled with what he calls his “beautiful struggle.”  After a full day’s work, he spends his free time perfecting his craft including writing, vocal training, and practicing the piano.