Report: New Prince Heirs Want To Release Music From The Vault

For over a month, the question loomed of what would happen to the infamous vault of Prince’s unreleased music, which is said to house over 50 never-released music videos, songs, live jam session recordings, and dozens of albums.

The legal fight by his living family members ensued over who’s the rightful heir to this treasure trove of property. Prince’s full sister, Tyka Nelson, is at the forefront of the fight.

Now, according to TMZ, two new people may be legal heirs when it was revealed that Prince’s late half-brother, Duane Nelson Sr., had a daughter, Brianna, and granddaughter, Victoria, who recently filed documents in Prince’s probate claiming they are rightful heirs to his fortune as well.

They report Brianna and Victoria have already expressed the desire to turn Prince Paisley Park estate into a museum like Elvis’ Graceland. They also want to release contents from the vault, and they “have the support of some of the singer’s siblings” to do so.

However, reports say that Tyka isn’t on board with the idea; she’s Prince’s only full-blooded sibling, and she’s been petitioning the courts to give her the larger portion of control over his estate. Basically, this messy legal tug-of-war may delay fans hearing anything from Prince’s vault anytime soon.