Shalamar Reloaded Calls Out The Internet Trolls and Haters In ‘Original’ Video

Last year it was announced original Shalamar member Jody Watley legally won the name of the group (after Howard Hewett and Jeffrey Daniel created  their own version of Shalamar with another female lead, Carolyn Griffey) and created a new version of the original trio called Shalamar Reloaded (with new members Rosero McCoy and Nate Allen Smith).

In that announcement, Watley revealed she wanted to “revive the name for a newer audience, not get caught in the safety net of nostalgia.” That’s clear with their first single “Slow Dance” and this newbie called “Original.”

It’s an edgier sound and takes on haters, naysayers and trolls to establish a their identity in this next era Shalamar Reloaded is about the embark on.