Lauryn Hill Arrives Two Hours Late To Atlanta Concert, Cites ‘Aligning Her Energies’ As The Reason

Lauryn Hill is notorious for being late to her concerts, and she continues to tick fans off…

On Friday night (May 6), Hill was two hours late to an Atlanta concert. She was scheduled to start at 8 pm, but she reportedly arrived on stage at 10:20pm and only got to perform for 40 minutes until 11pm when the club was scheduled to close. Reports say they cut her mic off, and she asked the venue for more time, but they refused.

Hill waved off the booing crowd Concertgoer Louise Tashjian told the Daily News on Saturday, “I’m still so pissed about last night; I can’t let it go. The music was good, but I was too pissed to enjoy it.”

Hill told an angry fan on a video posted on Twitter (below) that her driver got lost, but Hill’s public apology posted on Sunday tells a different story. She says she was late because she was “aligning her energy with the time”.

“The challenge is aligning my energy with the time, taking something that isn’t easily classified or contained, and trying to make it available for others,” she wrote. “Because I care so deeply about the artistic process, I scrutinize, have perfectionist tendencies, and want space made for spontaneity, which is not an easy process, with the many moving parts on the road,” she continued.


Rapper Talib Kweli chimed in on the social media debate about whether or not Hill should be held accountable for her excessive tardiness.

“I would not recommend an artist consistently be late. But if they are, so be it. Art should be unpredictable,” he wrote.

Twitter user @Mind_Wiz  chimed in: “Don’t get me wrong, the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is all time great, BUT IF BEYONCÉ CAN SHOW UP ON TIME THEN YOU CAN SHOW UP ON TIME.”

So what do you think, Roomies? Is showing up late to her appearances a part of her “art,” or should Hill get her act together?