Fantasia Regrets Her Revenge On ‘So Blue’

Sounds like Fantasia’s upcoming album “The Definition Of…” is going to be a doozy!

Not only is she experimenting with different sounds (such as with her country offering “Ugly”, and her “Rock/Soul” offering “No Time For It”), but her traditionally soulful sound is equally as potent. Take her latest single titled “So Blue.”

The track starts off with an infectious beat then joined by warm strings and funky guitar as Fantasia begins her verse about regretting cheating on her man out of spite.

On the spoken outro, she says, “See a lot of times when things happen, you react in the moment. And you’re not thinking about anything but trying to get that person back or make that person hurt like you hurt. And when you have time to sit back and think about it, it’s too late, the damage is already done.”

Enjoy Fantasia’s newest drop “So Blue”…