St. Louis Artist Mai Lee Calls Out All The ‘Low Key’ Slick Cheaters

St. Louis artist Mai Lee calls out all the men who think they’re able to keep their cheating ways on the low with her brash new single “Low Key.”

Over the heavy trap track produced by Bradd Young (Lil’ Wayne, Kelly Rowland, Yo Gotti), Lee sings about knowing her man is cheating.

“He think he low key slick, creepin’ with his low key chick / Gimme back my dough, king thick,” she sings on the hook. But the singer makes it clear that she won’t allow that to happen when she declares, “I ain’t f*ckin with it no mo.”



Together, Young and Mai Lee have become a team, crafting a sound reminiscent of the 90’s with fresh and innovative instrumentals and vocal arrangements. Purchase “Low Key” on iTunes HERE.