Brandy Files Lawsuit Against Label For Restricting Her From Releasing New Music

Ever since Brandy dropped her dope single in January called “Beggin & Pleadin,” fans have been “beggin and pleadin” for new music; yes, she’s busy with her BET sitcom “Zoe Ever After,” but the single came with news that she’s indeed working on new music.

If you’ve been wondering about the hold up, this could be why.

The R&B singer has filed a lawsuit on Tuesday (March 29) against her label Chameleon Entertainment Group, claiming they have blocked her from releasing and recording new music in the last four years, ever since her last LP, 2012’s Two Eleven.

In the suit, she also claims the restriction is a way to get her to sign another deal. She wants to cut ties with Chameleon and wants a judge to rule the contract void.