[Premiere] Call 911: Jay Lozoya Plans To Put Down Some Killer Lovin’ On ‘187’

After enlisting the help of Oakland-based MC Iamsu! for a recent collaboration on the track “Dangerous,” Jay Lozoya drops off  a Valentine’s Day premiere of his newest single “187.”

On the song, Jay uses the police code “187” to define how he puts it down. “You know I don’t play around / Imma kill it like it’s no one’s business, someone call 911 / 187 your body.”

Yikes, that’s some serious lovin’.

Born to Mexican immigrants in 1994, Lozoya and his family relocated from Phoenix to Stockton, California. “Everybody goes through struggles no matter what it is or where they came from,” Lozoya says. “Being that my parents came from Mexico the obstacles were even harder. Having to stay up even though we were down, I found my strength through this music shit. It’s all I know. It’s all I’ll ever know,” he says.

Stay tuned for more music from Lozoya.