Elijah Blake Opens 2016 With ‘Blueberry Vapors’ Mixtape

Last summer, Elijah Blake dropped his debut LP Shadows & Diamonds. Now he’s back in 2016, kicking off the year with a new mixtape, Blueberry Vapors.

Hosted by Young California's own DJ Carisma and Yesi Ortiz, the tape was recorded in two weeks at his mentor No I.D’s studio.

“Me and Djemba Djemba were just brainstorming on what music would be like if it went back to pure honesty & feeling, not overthinking about the “radio record”, the current tempo of other singles, etc. So we did,” Blake told HotNewHipHop. "…They say some of us see music in color so when all was said and done, Blueberry Vapors was the most appropriate title for the mood, tone, color, and texture I feel this project conveys."

The sound of the mixtape isn’t “blue” or sad per se, rather vibey and moody, so the title is fitting.