Maryland Musician Travis Higgins Is Tired Of All The ‘Fightin’ And Fussin’

Edgewood, Maryland singer-songwriter Travis Higgins offers up this satisfying groove “Fightin’ and Fussin,” a jazzy tune on which the musician sings of his frustration of constantly getting into fights with his woman, who accuses him of cheating.

“You know when I make moves that I do it for you / So I don’t understand don’t you mess up too? / Girl you love me or you don’t / But I can’t play these games, you’re driving me insane,” he sings on the second verse about his dysfunctional relationship.

Higgins grew up in his father’s church, around every instrument he could get his hands on. The drums were his initial introduction to musicianship, but it wasn’t until he sat behind the piano that he found his true love. Travis then got involved was in his church choir and began to enjoy singing. Throughout the years, he began to harvest his talents; influenced by great gospel artists as well as pop artists, a young Higgins began writing his own songs. He studied and mimicked their styles until he established his own.

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