Welcome To Room 7 Rihanna’s ANTIDiary

With her ANTI World Tour starting on February 26th, Rihanna’s eighth studio album MUST be coming, soon, so it’s time to open the doors to the seventh room of her Samsung-sponsored ANTIDiary series.

Titled “ANTIdiaRy: The Office,” the clip follows the previous installment called The Gallery, and features the singer as she enters a futuristic office. The receptionist points her in the direction of big golden doors, that when open, are hiding a room full of men typing away on golden adding machines surrounded by golden walls with Braille written on them as they sit on top of golden coins. Rihanna backs out of the room only to find her child self by her side. Her child self gives her adult self the crown that’s been covering her eyes, and adult RiRi places the crown on top of her head, which instantly transports her to a dark room with only one illuminated door.

Reports are saying there’s only one more room left to discover in the series, The Bedroom, so the LP must be on its way!

Decipher the symbolic clip below: