Louise Chantal Channels Marilyn Monroe in ‘CalNeva’ Video

Following her singles “Genuflect” and “Purple Rain,” New-York city based singer Louise Chantal just released her debut video for her single titled “CalNeva.” The clip features the singer as a blonde bobshell wearing a white halter leotard, like a modern Marilyn Monroe.

About the song and video, Louise Chantal explains, “‘CalNeva’ was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and the alleged affair between Monroe and John F. Kennedy. From around 1960 to 1963, Frank Sinatra owned Cal Neva Resort & Casino. Before writing this song, I read about how Sinatra loved to entertain his friends, both of which were Monroe and The Kennedy Family. I was fascinated by that dynamic so I just kept reading more stories about their relationship. Somehow in the midst of reading, I created a fantasy in my head and connected that to the emotion that I really wanted to convey through this song. ‘CalNeva’ is a love letter written by a broken-hearted woman, and anyone who has experienced betrayal and disappointment can relate to this story.

“CalNeva” is featured on her debut Welcome to Aranbi EP, set to release at the top of the year.