Rihanna Enters The Fourth Room Of Her ‘ANTIDiary’ (Video)

Rihanna’s upcoming eighth studio LP ANTI is still without a release date, but her ongoing, cryptic saga in conjunction with Samsung plays on…

Enter the newest, fourth “room” of Rihanna’s ANTIDiary. In this sinister place, Rihanna can be seen tattooing dots on a hefty man’s forehead, straddling him in his chair. The man looks frightened and begins to silently cry blue tears, which comes from his nose and increase and spill down his body to the floor.

Each “room” is symbolic of Rihanna’s life and era in her music career, from Barbados to her current life as an international pop star. Each room has clues for the fans to use to piece together to unlock some answers surrounding Rihanna’s new album.

Peep the clip below. What do you think the clues mean in regards to her album?